Zip Cooking Pouches/Bags - Large

Ideal for sous vide cooking liquids or liquid-rich foods including marinades, sauces, stews, soups, custards, risotto, infused alcohol and more! SousVide Supreme zip pouches, certified as food-safe and stable at cooking temperatures, are specially designed to simplify the process of sealing dishes containing more than a tablespoon of liquid. With a few simple steps, air can be evacuated without the aid of a chamber vacuum sealer, making it easier to submerge pouches containing food and liquid. 25 cooking pouches/bags per box. SKU: 8548 3800 2626

Please note: these bags do NOT contain a valve and will not work with the Zip Sealer.

Large Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouches
Gallon (3.79L)
Quantity: 25 Bags per Box
Dimensions: 11" x 16" (27.9cm x 40.6cm)
Thickness: 3 mil (85 micron)

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