If you have questions about how to operate any of our products, we would be happy to assist you. Please contact us at or call the Customer Service Department at 1-877-787-6836 Monday to Friday 8am-4pm MST.


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If your SousVide Supreme water oven or Sous Vide Sealer VS3000 is not operating properly, please follow these recommended checks or contact us by email at or call the Customer Service Department at 1-877-787-6836 Monday to Friday 8am-4pm MST.

SousVide Supreme Water Oven

Machine won’t start

  • Be sure the unit is plugged in and the outlet is working.
  • You should feel/hear a slight click when you depress the On/Off button. If you do not, reposition your finger and press/hold again.
  • Make certain to press and hold the On/Off button for 3 seconds. If the unit fails to start after that time, reposition your finger and press/hold again.

Machine beeps during the cooking process

  • The machine should beep
    • To signal that it has preheated to its set target cooking temperature
    • To signal that it has regained its set target after cool food pouches, ice, or additional water have been put into the water bath
    • To signal the completion of a pre-set cooking time

Machine repeatedly beeps several times after it has reached its cooking temperature.

  • The machine should not beep during the cooking process if it is at the desired/set cooking temperature. If it does:
    • Usually, this occurs because the water isn't able to circulate well and the cause is usually one or more pouches covering the whole bottom of the water oven. If this occurs, raise the pouch(es) off the floor of the water oven to make space for circulation.  Using the universal pouch rack is a good solution.
    • Check to be sure that there is sufficient water in the machine – i.e., that the water level reaches the FILL line on the interior wall of the water bath.

Water found on counter under the machine

  • Water can accumulate inside the lid (especially when using the machine at temperatures above 175F/80C or for extended periods) and may, on occasion, overflow the lip of the unit and run onto the counter.
  • Check sides of machine housing for evidence of wetness, indicating that water has trickled down the sides and pooled there. If so:
    • Remove the lid periodically during higher temperature or prolonged cooking and allow the accumulated water to flow back into the bath.
  • If you see no evidence that water has dripped down the outside of the machine:
    • Turn off the machine, unplug the unit, move it and wipe up the spill.
    • Make sure everything is dry and turn the machine back on, resetting the desired temperature. 
    • If the water re-appears beneath the machine, there could be a gasket leak. Turn off the machine, unplug it, and contact customer service.

Temperature not holding to within 1 degree F/0.5 degrees C

  • Check to be sure that there is sufficient water in the unit – i.e., water level at least reaches the FILL line on the interior wall of the water bath.
  • Check to be sure that cooking pouches are not lying on the bottom, occluding all or most of the holes in the perforated bottom grill or impeding circulation around the perimeter of the bath.


Sous Vide Sealer VS3000

Will not vacuum

  • Possible causes - Appliance is unplugged or the wall socket is not live.
  • Remedies - Plug appliance in. Try another wall socket. Activate wall socket. Contact Customer Service.

Weak or incomplete vacuum

  • Possible causes - The pouch is positioned incorrectly or has wrinkles or debris between the pouch walls. The pouch is leaking or has a puncture. The sealer is used without the 20-second interval between uses.
  • Remedies - Wait 20 seconds. Check for debris, punctures, or wrinkles on the pouch. Reposition the pouch and try again. Use a fresh pouch and try again. Contact Customer Service.

Imperfect seal

  • Possible causes - Debris or oils on the sealing surface between pouch walls. Using incorrect FOOD setting.
  • Remedies - Wipe the sealing surface clean with a clean paper towel and try again. Use proper FOOD setting: Moist for wet foods containing up to 1.5 tablespoons (22.5ml) of liquid and Dry for most foods. Contact Customer Service.

Lid does not lock

  • Possible cause - Lock mechanism is not engaged.
  • Remedies - Press down more firmly on the lower edge of the lid, under the heal of your right palm. Contact Customer Service.

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