Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouch Rolls - 2 Rolls

Economical SousVide Supreme Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouch Rolls give you the convenience and flexibility of making food-grade, cooking pouches exactly the size you need, when you want them. Just cut the roll to the desired length, seal the end, fill the pouch, and vacuum/seal! No waste! Perfectly sized to fit what you want to cook each time. Works with our SousVide Supreme Vacuum Sealer VS3000. SKU: 6899 7811 0562

Quantity: 2 rolls per box 

Each box contains two rolls--enough to make about 40 large pouches (10" x 11"/ 25.4 cm x 28 cm) or nearly 60 smaller pouches (7" x 11"/ 17.8 cm x 28 cm).
Dimensions: 11 inches x 20 feet (28 cm x 6 m) per roll
Thickness: 3 mil (85 micron)

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