Sous Vide Sealer VS007
The NEW SousVide Supreme VS007 Vacuum Sealer is a compact, quiet appliance for vacuum sealing dry or moist foods for sous vide cooking. This clamshell suction sealer offers a molded black plastic housing and removable drip chamber for easy cleaning. One-touch functionality vacuums and automatically seals pouches securely in one operation. Moist and Dry options and the Pulse vacuum function give you flexibility to select the proper suction and duration of sealing bar heat to ensure a good seal of dry food, moist food, or foods containing up to 20 ml (a bit over a 1 tablespoon) of liquid. Seal Only operation allows for simply sealing a pouch without activating the vacuum function; great for packaging liquid-rich foods without suction (by passing the open pouch leaves through the clamshell lid) or for making cut-to-size pouches from economical pouch rolls.

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