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SouvVide Touch Plus: How to Connect Video

Step 1.
Download the SousVide Supreme app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Step 2.
For first time users, you will need to connect with Facebook or Google+ or create a new account with your email address, by clicking on “Sign Up.”

Step 3.
Create your SousVide Supreme account. You will need to choose a username, password and standard of measurement, i.e., the metric system or American standard.

Step 4.
Select which model you have. (Please note that the only model we currently have available with the WiFi connectivity is the SousVide Supreme Touch Plus 11L.)

Step 5.
If the app does not find your SousVide Supreme within a few seconds, you should unplug your SousVide Supreme, plug it back in, then click “Search.”

Please note that connecting with your SousVide Supreme happens with BLE (short-range wireless connection) technology, so please check the settings on your device to ensure that the proper settings are turned on to allow your phone to pair with the machine.

Step 6.
Once your SousVide Supreme has located the available WiFi networks, choose the appropriate network, then type in the WiFi network password. This password will be case sensitive. Click Connect.

Step 7.
Give your SousVide Supreme a nickname. You can connect up to five SousVide Supreme devices on this app. Also, choose your temperature to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Please note that this will not change this display on your SousVide Supreme. You will need to press and hold the temperature button on your SousVide Supreme if you need to change the display itself.

Step 8.
Select your interests. You can select all, none, or some. This will just help us display recipes of interest to you.

Step 9.
You are ready to start cooking and sharing your recipes with the SousVide Supreme community!

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