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How to Seal Liquids or Liquid-Rich Foods

If you want to vacuum seal liquids or liquid-rich foods for sous vide cooking, such as stews, soups, scrambled eggs or risotto, the SousVide Supreme zip pouches are the perfect solution. Watch this video to see how to do it!



To remove the air and seal the zip pouches, you can use the water displacement method (Archimedes principle). This means that the air above the liquid in a cooking pouch will be forced out as the pouch submerges into the water.

Here are the easy steps to sealing liquids with SousVide Supreme zip pouches:

  1. Fill SousVide Supreme zip pouch with food and/or fluid.
  2. Slowly and carefully lower the filled pouch, with the zip closure still open, into the water bath (or into a large pot of cooler water, if you prefer.)
  3. The weight of the water in the bath or pot will press against the sides of the pouch and force the air out of it as you lower the zip closure to the surface of the water.
  4. Once the zip closure is at the water's surface and most of the air has been evacuated from the pouch, zip it closed. The zip-sealed pouch should now stay submerged. Simple as that! No muss. No fuss. No fail.


​Quick tip: 

You can freeze marinades in an ice cube tray overnight in the freezer, and then insert the marinade cube with the food and then vacuum seal.  

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