Company Background

Eades Appliance Technology, LLC (EAT) was founded in 2009 by Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades and their family. EAT is the parent company of SousVide Supreme and oversees all product development and operations for the brand and its award-winning line of sous vide products.

EAT’s inception was driven by the Drs. Eades’ passion for healthy living and their love of cooking. The Eades are respected doctors and nutrition experts, who have an accomplished career spanning the last three decades. The Eades have been practicing physicians, operated successful weight loss clinics throughout the U.S., written best-selling books on healthful living, owned a restaurant, hosted a cooking TV show, and now, through EAT, are spearheading the creation and development of innovative culinary products.

The idea for EAT's first product, the SousVide Supreme water oven, came about all because of a pork chop - see complete story here .

In late 2009, the first SousVide Supreme water ovens were officially launched and sold meeting huge demand and the product was featured in the New York Times.

Over the past six years, SousVide Supreme has quickly evolved into a leading and trusted culinary brand for sous vide cooking, for both home cooks and culinary professionals, offering a full range of affordable water ovens, vacuum sealers, sous vide accessories and cookbooks. The products have received rave reviews from customers and media all around the world. 

SousVide Supreme products are available for purchase online and at leading retailers around the world, including Sur la Table and Bloomingdales in the US, and Harrods and John Lewis in the UK.



SousVide Supreme and SousVide Supreme Demi water ovens

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