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SousVide Supreme is one of the hottest new kitchen appliances on the market. Both the media and customers are raving about the sous vide cooking technique and how they love using the SousVide Supreme. By adding affiliate links and banners to your website, you can earn commissions on referred sales. It's an easy way to generate revenue.

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Eades Appliance Technology has partnered with the leading affiliate company, Commission Junction, to provide the technology and host the SousVide Supreme affiliate program.  To get started simply complete the online application form. We will review your application and you will be notified when you are approved. Then you just have to login to your Commission Junction account to retrieve the SousVide Supreme banners or text links, and the system does all of the tracking and reporting for you. It's that easy! 



The SousVide Supreme is the exciting new home appliance that has the media, culinary experts and foodies all talking. These are just some of the reasons why you should join our affiliate program to take advantage of the huge sales potential:

  • The SousVide Supreme is the first, all-in-one sous vide water oven designed for the home cook.
  • Sous vide cooking is now an easy, accessible cooking technique for all - creating five-star gourmet quality meals at the touch of a button.
  • The SousVide Supreme has received national press coverage including articles in the New York Times, Food & Wine and Wired magazine.
  • A national television campaign is reaching new audiences promoting the SousVide Supreme across America.
  • The SousVide Supreme website is quickly emerging as the leading online resource for sous vide cooking information.
  • The website is offering an expanding product line including sous vide cooking accessories, gear and more.  This means more opportunities for you to earn commissions!

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