Simply Sous Vide


Sous vide cooking brings out the best in top quality ingredients and elevates inexpensive ones to new heights. Creating mouth-watering delicious, elegant meals has never been easier.  

Sous Vide Steak

A New York strip steak cooked perfectly edge-to-edge with some simple herbs and spices. View recipe >

Sous Vide Salmon

See how the precision of the sous vide cooking technique ensures that your salmon is cooked evenly and perfectly every time, retaining all the delicate natural oils to deliver the most tender, delicious fish imaginable. View recipe >

Sous Vide Eggs

The perfect sous vide egg with soft custard texture egg yolk that you will be sure to enjoy any time of the day. View recipe >

Sous Vide Lamb 

Tender, succulent meat is simply seasoned with salt and pepper and finished with an herbed butter basted sear. View recipe >

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