Sous Vide Meat Cookbook
Want to cook the perfect steak, pork chop or rack of lamb? These recipes will guide you through the simple steps to sous vide perfection. Only with sous vide cooking can a cut of meat be unfailingly cooked edge-to-edge to the preferred degree of doneness, whether that temperature is rare, medium-rare, medium, or more well-done. With no other method can the cook produce a perfectly rare or medium-rare and tender piece of flank steak or brisket. Medium-rare and tough are possible with other methods; overcooked and tender are possible with other methods—but not both. Yet, given a sufficient amount of time, the gentle and precise temperature of the sous vide water bath can effortlessly cook either of these tough cuts to perfection throughout, and have it fork tender to boot. Filled with kitchen-tested recipes for beef, pork, and lamb, as well as all the basic instructions for sous vide success, this book will show you how to cook sublimely tender and succulent meat—every time.

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