1. SAVE THE FLAVOR Season, Seal, and Sear Your Way to the Perfect Steak.


SousVide Supreme: The First & the Best

The SousVide Supreme is the world’s first water oven designed to bring the gourmet sous vide cooking method into home and small restaurant kitchens. With our 5-year warranty and silent, energy-efficient convection method, the SousVide Supreme reigns as best in class.

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"SousVide Supreme is one of my go-to all-in-one precision cookers. Whether I'm cooking a leg of lamb, red wine poached pears, or even fruit infused liquor, SousVide Supreme is consistently precise. This is a must-have for every kitchen."

Derek Gaughan - Author & Chef at SousVideGuy.com

"By cooking with the SousVide Supreme, you achieve perfect results every single time."

Richard Blais - Top Chef: All Stars Winner

"What SousVide Supreme has allowed us to do is control all the things that are uncontrollable on the top of the stove. When cooking breast of pheasant, it keeps it perfectly moist, perfectly tender. It's perfect every time and there is no guesswork."

Ouita Michael - Owner & Executive Chef, Holly Hill Inn

"I love using the SousVide Supreme. One of the best attributes is the texture of vegetables cooked sous vide. My favorite two vegetables that I cooked in the Sous Vide Supreme were okra with its tender, vibrant color and non-slimy texture, and sweet potato slices that held their shape but were fork tender. A unique ingredient to the South that I cooked in the SousVide Supreme was grits. The result was perfectly creamy and delicious grits."

Whiteney Miller - Winner of MasterChef

"The SousVide Supreme allows you to take any cut of meat, expensive or inexpensive, and turn it into something remarkably tender, perfectly cooked, and delicious."

Sharone Hakman - MasterChef

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